All attendees must register and pay the conference registration fee before being allowed into the conference venue. The registration fees are outlined below. All requests for refund will be subject to a cancellation fee. Refunds will not be granted on late registrations since commitments based on the registration would have been made and cannot change at that late date.

All conference fees are in EURO. Fees include attendance at all workshops, conference sessions and exhibits; conference breaks and lunches; the conference dinner and the welcome reception.The registration covers up to two papers (including joint authorship) with no more than 5000 words in the electronic conference proceedings, which all registered attendees will receive as a CD. Cancellation fees of EUR 50 and EUR 75 will apply to Early and Regular registrations, respectively, if done in writing (email or fax) before May 1, 2012. There is no refund after May 1, 2012.

There are two possibilities for Conference Registration and Payment of Fees.

You can register with a form and transfer the funds per bank transfer into EURO settlement account of WU Vienna: Please fill out the Conf-IRM registration sheet (click here to download the sheet), send it to and pay by bank transfer (please don't forget the reference number).

Alternatively, you may use the service provided by EDAS at (especially for credit card payments). If you are already registered on EDAS please login. After login, Click on the REGISTER tab. You will get a list of conferences ( Click on the Conf-IRM 2012 link. Click on the REGISTER SELF icon. If you are not previously registered on EDAS please create an account then follow the instructions above. Please note that EDAS will require a payment in USD.

Registration fees:

  • Early (up to 31st March, 2012) - 395.00 EUR
  • Regular (April 1st - April 30th, 2012) - 425.00 EUR
  • Late/Onsite (After 1st May, 2012) - 475.00 EUR

  • Early (up to 31st March, 2012) - 250.00 EUR
  • Regular (April 1st - April 30th, 2012) - 275.00 EUR
  • Late/Onsite (After 1st May, 2012) - 295.00 EUR
*students must submit letter from their supervisor attesting to their status

  • Early (up to 31st March, 2011) - 575.00 EUR
  • Regular (April 1st - April 30th, 2011) - 625.00 EUR
  • Late/Onsite (After 1st May, 2011) - 700.00 EUR

  • Early (up to 31st March, 2011) - 55.00 EUR
  • Regular (April 1st - April 30th, 2011) - 60.00 EUR
  • Late/Onsite (After 1st May 2011) - 65.00 EUR
**spouses or partners accompanying conference delegate; Fees cover conference dinner and reception only

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