Green IS/IT Strategies and Technologies

The relationship between IT and the environment is complex, as IT can have both first and second order effects (Hilty et al., 2006). The first order effect refers to the negative environmental impact of IT production, use, and disposal. Thus, making the production, use and disposal of IT greener refers to 'Green IT' (Murugesan, 2007). On the other hand, the second-order effect refers to the positive impact of using IT and information systems (IS). Thus, using IS to improve the eco-sustainability of business, social and economic processes refers to "Green IS" (Chen et al., 2008).

The "Green IS" view sees IS as a possible solution to many environmental problems. However, IS scholarship contributing to knowledge about organizations and environmental sustainability is under-developed. The purpose of the Green IS/IT track is to advance theoretical and practical knowledge in this emerging domain and to gain a better understanding of current industry initiatives and academic research being conducted on the role of IS in sustainability.

Recommended Topics
This track encourages the submission of research papers, research-in-progress papers, teaching cases, and panel proposals in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • The role of IS/IT in sustainability
  • Adoption and diffusion of Green IS/IT
  • The use of IS/IT to change human behaviors towards sustainable business practices
  • Links among Green IS/IT, sustainability practices, organizational and environmental performance
  • The design, implementation, and use of IS/IT to reduce organizations' environmental impact
  • Ecological value of virtualization, cloud computing, software as a service
  • The roles of various emergent information systems, technologies and practices including mobile systems, location-aware technologies (e.g., GPS/GNSS, RFID), geographic information systems, and spatial business intelligence to aid in greening organizations
  • Monitoring, visualization, and optimization
  • Green logistics and supply chain technologies and practices
  • IS roles in carbon trading systems (both internal and external)
  • Case studies of Green IS and IT

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