Knowledge Management

The knowledge of companies as well as their members is considered as one of the main factors influencing the innovation capabilities and the economic performance of organizations. How can organizations tailor, use, and extend techniques and tools from knowledge management for improving their business practices and processes? Building upon existing work on knowledge management (KM) and organizational learning, this track will promote interdisciplinary approaches from computer science and information systems, business, management and organization science as well as cognitive science.

Recommended Topics
This track encourages the submission of research papers, research-in-progress papers, teaching cases, and panel proposals in the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Knowledge creation and sharing
  • Knowledge utilization
  • Developing new knowledge
  • Knowledge - Measurement
  • KM and organizational learning
  • Communities of Practice
  • Architectures for KM systems
  • Identifying KM user requirement
  • KM in the Future
  • KM and innovation
  • KM and change management
  • Tacit knowledge capture and dissemination
  • Knowledge Transfer, Sharing and Diffusion with Social Media

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